motionEAP Closing Event

After four successful years, our research project motionEAP comes to an end. It was fun to work with a project consortium consisting of different associations, such as industry, sheltered work organizations, and other universities. The project comprises the evaluation of in-situ projections at workplaces to support workers during their assembly tasks. Furthermore, the design of in-situ feedback, such as the complexity of projected elements, was evaluated to provide best user experiences when it comes to use such a system in a productive environment. With this technology in mind, motionEAP enhances the flexibility of Industry 4.0, where projections can be used to provide assembly instructions for products which have to be produced on demand, leading to decreased mental workload of workers (more information can be found on More target groups are cognitively impaired workers and older people being involved in assembly processes, which becomes more and more important when looking at demographic changes in Germany. With the end of motionEAP, a closing event was organized during the IoT2016 conference, where all outcomes of the project were presented (see for a list of publications aiming to evaluate the implemented software) and to announce the launch of an open source version of the software, which has been implemented during the project runtime (see Overall, I enjoyed the event meeting a lot of awesome people, getting a better understanding of Industry 4.0, and listening to great talks concluding the outcomes of different PhD theses from motionEAP.

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